Our Offer


GU Ventures support and invest in idea-makers and entrepreneurs that develop new groundbreaking ideas.


We make sure to offer the right services for your project or company including: 

  • Business development

  • Fund raising & financing in early stages

  • Recruiting & HR

  • Accounting & Corporate Law

  • Verification & Protection

  • Marketing

  • Community & Office

Elegibility criteria:

  • Connection to the University of Gothenburg.

  • Unique and sustainable product or service with high growth potential.

  • Commercial consensus with the provider of the idea.

  • Protectable idea with commercial value.

  • Scalable at both a national and global level.

  • Possibility of exit for the investors.



GU Ventures invest in disruptive ideas that aim to make the world a better place. Providing early stage funding is crucial for these ideas to reach the market.

We aim to secure long-term funding for our companies and to reinvest our returns in new ideas.

GU Ventures investments in numbers:

  • 190+ businesses founded

  • 54 exited holdings

  • 12 listed companies

  • 3 billion SEK in raised capital

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