GU Ventures manage several strategic projects to develop and finance our core business. Our projects focus on areas such as sustainability, digitalisation, internationalization, industry collaboration and quality improvment.


Pre-incubation within the Master's programme in Entrepreneurship

The Master’s program in Entrepreneurship at the School of Business, Economics and Law teach the students to develop and evaluate business ideas and models. The program cooperates with GU Ventures to provide the students with reality-based commercial projects and help them try out their own entrepreneurial ideas. We call this pre-incubation.


STAR - Sustainable growth and social innovations

Since 2013 GU Ventures run STAR, a project focused on social innovation and growth in western Sweden. The main objective is to challenge and inspire GU Venture’s own organization to keep a strong focus on sustainable innovations and to contribute to a resilient society through social inclusion and reduced climate change. The project goals are partially defined by the United Nations’ goals for sustainable development.


WSINC - West Swedish Incubators

The WSINC-project brings together eight incubators in western Sweden, aiming to improve efficiency and create more opportunities for collaboration. GU Ventures run the project together with Chalmers Ventures, the Incubator in Borås, Framtidens Företag, Science Park Skövde, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Brewhouse and Innovatum Startup.