We help build the companies for a better tomorrow.


Our mission

We shape a better future by boosting scientists and entrepreneurs and their game changing ideas. Over 20 years’ experience of turning budding ideas and scientific breakthroughs into thriving businesses have taught us what matters. We serve our companies through networking to get the right people together, funding to provide that extra push, and professional development, idea evaluation and goal setting to ensure sustainability.

By working closely with the University of Gothenburg we unlock the creativity and ingenuity fostered there, so it can prosper in union with the outside world. Whether you’ve set out to cure a disease, create a new business model, streamline an industry or simply taken on the humble task of making the world a better place, we are here to help you make it happen.


Our beliefs

Keeping focus on what’s important so we can clear paths for others is what drives us. That’s why we let our beliefs guide everything we do.

  • Humanity needs groundbreaking ideas
    We partner with scientists and entrepreneurs who truly believe and exceed in what they do, who are pioneers in their field and who possess the raw material needed to create something brilliant, substantial and business transforming.

  • The world is our playing field
    We think great innovations should benefit the people who need it the most. That’s why scalability is such an important factor for us - we focus on ideas that have the potential to help the global community.

  • In it for the long run
    Our goal is to win in the end. We don’t get sidetracked by short-term thinking or shiny things without true value. We are involved in every aspect of building a sustainable business. We are there through the highs and lows and dedicate ourselves to always do what’s best for the companies we work with.

  • Diversity brings innovation
    The diversity in our team and networks is what makes them powerful. We connect people from different disciplines and cultures who each have a unique set of experiences and talents, and we firmly believe that by always promoting diversity and equality we are making our companies and our own organization even stronger.

  • Sustainability is the means as well as the end
    Striving for a sustainable future is a given, but it’s by using sustainability as a tool that we can really make a difference. 87% of our companies contribute to reaching the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and many of them work with social innovations and greentech.


Our story

Based in Gothenburg, GU Ventures started as a holding company with the purpose of encouraging collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and regional industries. Over the years the initiative has evolved and today we can offer world class incubation and funding, working with seed- and early-stage ventures with expertise primarily in life science and tech.


The Board


Anette Asklin

Board member since 2015

Email: anette.asklin(a)venvio.se


Catharina Bäärnhielm

Board member since 2015

Email: catharina.baarnhielm(a)gmail.com


Peter Tellberg

Board member since 2017

Email: peter.tellberg(a)gu.se

Anders Hyltander

Board member since 2017

Email: anders.hyltander(a)vgregion.se


Fredrika Lagergren Wahlin

Board member since 2018

Email: fredrika.lagergren(a)gu.se


Göran Landberg

Board member since 2018

Email: goran.landberg(a)gu.se